How it all began

Spain Select´s beginnings go back to 2002, when Sandra Cabello and Daniel Hermoso made the joint decision to leave their successful corporate careers and follow their dream of working for themselves.

Working out of their living room, the pair´s initial idea was to enter the luxury villa market, with a firm focus on short-term rental.

With a clear vision of what they were looking for, Sandra and Daniel spent that first year travelling the length and breadth of Spain, hoping to find those special properties that would live up to their high expectations of elegance and exclusivity.

By 2004 they had put together a small but quality portfolio of luxurious holiday villas for rent, dealing directly and personally with each and every one of their clients. As Spain Select grew and some inner-city properties were added to its books, Sandra and Daniel realized that what were missing from the market were luxury long-term rentals for the many professionals who came to Spain for months at a time on business.

Now, with over 200 apartments in Madrid alone, and properties all over Spain, Spain Select has become synonymous with high quality rentals.

Moving into their bright and spacious new offices in the centre of Madrid in 2007, the company has grown from a cozy group of four to the efficient team of more than 25 that they are today.

Spain Select has made its mark in the world of luxury property rentals thanks not only to the top quality properties it offers, but to the excellent and very personal service it gives each and every client.